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Re: HELP: energetika - URGENT

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  • Melvyn Clarke
    ... osobne ... dispatching centre (ale jinde jsem uvidel operations centre ) ... Supervisory control ... electric, electrical work ... idle, wattless,
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 2, 2000
      --- In Czechlist@egroups.com, "Palik" <palik@s...> wrote:

      > Je to vsechno z odborneho slovniku pro energetiky a elektrotechniky,
      > to nemam overene.

      Totez plati se mnou. Jenom cituju tento slovnik:

      > "dispecink"

      dispatching centre (ale jinde jsem uvidel "operations centre")

      >a spojenim "dispecerske rizeni"

      Supervisory control

      > elektricka prace

      electric, electrical work

      > - jalova

      idle, wattless, reactive.

      S pozdravem,

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