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Re: Vztahovacny - English equivalent?

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  • Liz Spacilova
    Remember this thread? ... person s ... from ... She ... this? ... I have finally managed to consult with a psychologist in the U.S. and I am very confident the
    Message 1 of 43 , Apr 13, 2007
      Remember this thread?

      --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "Liz Spacilova" <spacils@...>
      > Good morning,
      > A psychologist used the term "vztahovacny" to describe one
      > behaviour. When I asked her what this means, she explained it is
      > the word vztahnout - "ze tento clovek vsechno vztahne na sebe".
      > could not come up with another word and I could not think of an
      > English word for what I understand is someone who takes everything
      > under their own wing, is unable to delegate, needs to personally
      > supervise all details ... certainly we have all encountered this
      > behaviour before. Is there a single English word equivalent to
      > Domineering, controlling ...? Not too confident about
      > Fronek's "touchy" or Seznam's "egocentric".
      > Diky moc
      > Nevztahovacna Liz
      I have finally managed to consult with a psychologist in the U.S.
      and I am very confident the correct answer has been found. Her reply
      to me:

      'It is called over personalization. It's actually a cognitive
      distortion in the therapy field. See

      Click on this link and in the "presentation" part of the web page,
      there's an explanation of cognitive distortions. This was just "cut
      and pasted" here:
      "Some of the Cognitive Distortions (CDs) Dr. Beck had addressed were
      the all or nothing one... where everything is black or white; over-
      generalization; jumping to conclusions, the should and musts that we
      examined with Dr. Ellis' approach; personalization and scapegoat.
      Over personalization can introduce paranoia in the client, and
      mental filters that cause the client to perceive too much negative
      feedback in others can create an escalating negative feedback loop
      where real negativity is generated, exacerbating and adding real
      negativity to the distorted view." '

      So vztahovacnost = over(-)personalis(z)ation. Watch out when you
      google for this word, as personalisation can also be e.g. what
      colours and content you pick for your Yahoo mail interface, and over
      personalisation can refer to personalisation of your interface that
      is too restrictive.

      Have a nice warm weekend (my psychologist friend is shovelling snow
      right now -- in Maine) and nebudte vztahovacny

    • Liz Spacilova
      ... Touché.
      Message 43 of 43 , Apr 16, 2007
        --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, James Kirchner <jpklists@...> wrote:
        > On Apr 16, 2007, at 8:28 AM, Liz Spacilova wrote:
        > > I would have no qualm translating this into English as
        > > sth like "he over-personalises too much."
        > Well, Liz, I find this sentence excessively over-redundant. :-)

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