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DIK: Re: [Czechlist] Re: Term: EN-CS (various types of charts)

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  • Iveta Pecinkova - prekladatelsky servis
    Dekuji. Nakonec jsem nasla odkaz (http://www.palstat.cz/p.php?p=software&prod=16), ktery mi radu veci objasnil. Iveta ... From: Liz Spacilova To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2007
      Dekuji. Nakonec jsem nasla odkaz (http://www.palstat.cz/p.php?p=software&prod=16), ktery mi radu veci objasnil.

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      From: Liz Spacilova
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      Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2007 10:24 AM
      Subject: [Czechlist] Re: Term: EN-CS (various types of charts)

      Dobre rano,

      na Google a Wikipedia se da leccos najit, ale s presnym prekladem
      dnes nepomuzu - jedine ze control chart je regulacni diagram.

      na ten 1. termin najdete pekne vysvetleni na

      Individual/Moving Range Chart: Plots single data points instead of
      subgroup averages and calculates moving Ranges, using groups of
      individual data. It is used for short production runs, where data is
      scarce, or for runs where one value for each sample can be taken

      np chart: A control chart indicating the number of defective units
      in a given sample (viz

      Median chart (in quality control): A median chart is a special
      purpose variation of the X-bar chart. This chart uses the median
      instead of the subgroup average to show the system's central

      Hodne stesti


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