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Re: [Czechlist] Re: FUN: Try these terms

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  • James Kirchner
    ... To get into all the course documents, you need a password, which I don t think I should give out. It s at Marygrove College in Detroit
    Message 1 of 21 , Sep 23, 2006
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      On Sep 23, 2006, at 6:16 PM, melvyn.geo wrote:

      > > Last night I substituted for a friend who teaches a translation
      > > principles class at a university here.
      > Sounds like an interesting course. Anything on the web about it?

      To get into all the course documents, you need a password, which I
      don't think I should give out.

      It's at Marygrove College in Detroit (http://marygrove.edu), which is
      no longer in a grove, but in a really dangerous part of town. Here
      is the info about the course and the whole certificate program.

      FRE/SPA/ARA 400 Principles of Translation 3 hours
      Prerequisite: SPA 351 or equivalent. Term 1.
      Introduction to the Translation Certificate programs in French,
      Spanish, and Arabic. Survey of the main theories of translation and
      interpretation; methodology section dealing with the linguistic and
      cultural aspects of language transfer; professional component
      including an overview of career opportunities and current practices.
      Course taught in English.


      Required Courses
      Students must complete each of the following courses with a grade of
      B or better.
      SPA 400 Principles of Translation
      SPA 401 Translation Workshop I
      SPA 402 Translation Workshop II
      SPA 403 Business Translation Workshop
      SPA 488 Cooperative Field Experience


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