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Re: Help: exam cert abbreviations

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  • coilinoc
    ... sure if ... Thank you, Sarka. That must be it Coilin ... [mailto:Czechlist@yahoogroups.com]On ... enlighten ... program?) and
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 19, 2006
      > Sk seems to me as the abbreviation of Skupina (Group) but I am not
      sure if
      > this fits

      Thank you, Sarka.
      That must be it
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      > Sent: Sunday, June 18, 2006 10:02 AM
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      > Subject: [Czechlist] Help: exam cert abbreviations
      > Hi there,
      > I have an exam cert in front of me, which as usual is full of
      > abbreviations like Zk, z, etc.
      > It contains two I don't remember coming across before and I was
      > wondering if there are any Czech NSers out there who might
      > me, They are SP (the internet seems to suggest Studijni
      program?) and
      > Sk (I can't find anything plausible via Google)
      > MTIA for any suggestions
      > Coilin
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