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THANKS : buying land in CR

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  • Hana Viansová
    Thank you for all your valuable insights into buying land, Hanka ... From: coilinoc To: Sent: Wednesday, May
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2006
      Thank you for all your valuable insights into buying land,

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      >> What he's probably affraid of is the way this (still) has to be done
      > for
      >> foreign nationals - seting up a half-phoney company, because you
      > can't buy
      >> land as a non-resident... but as long as the company's set up properly
      >> (which does take extraordinary effort and lots of time from an
      > American's
      >> point of view, but can be arranged by lawyers) and the buy is
      > legitimate, he
      >> shluld be OK (that's if the Commies and the SocDems don't go too far
      > after
      >> the elections, mind you:)..
      > We bought our flat a couple of years ago and I'm currently in the
      > process of buying a plot for my mother. I don't see any risk attached
      > to owning land here that you wouldn't get anywhere else in Western
      > Europe. The only thing that complicates matters is that there are
      > restrictions on foreigners' buying land. That is fairly simply handled
      > by buying the land through a company (a so-called SPV or Special
      > Purpose Vehicle). Technically, the company then owns the land, but as
      > you own the company you are the de facto owner. We actually bought our
      > flat that way and we have had no problems (apart from the bloody tax
      > returns, etc. associated with "owning" a company).
      > If he's really worried, the company that we used to handle the
      > transaction (which is Irish-owned btw) was companies.cz -
      > www.companies.cz. If he sends them an e-mail he'll probably find them
      > very helpful.
      > Coilin
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