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Re: [Czechlist] Re: Twisted light revisited

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  • Darina B
    Opozdene a dodatecne jeste jednou dekuji za vsechny napady. Nakonec jsem pouzila stocene svetlo a nebyly zadne namitky. Pekny den. Darina dusan
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2006
      Opozdene a dodatecne jeste jednou dekuji za vsechny napady. Nakonec jsem pouzila "stocene svetlo" a nebyly zadne namitky.

      Pekny den.

      dusan <dparrot@...> wrote:
      I am not going to transform Czechlist into a subsidiary of an optoelectronic
      company, so please delete this message/don't read it if you are not
      interested. However, this problem is so interesting from the physical point
      of view and the translation of "twisted light" into Czech is related to it,
      so I could not resist the temptation to open it again.
      If you want to understand what "twisted light" is, please open
      http://www.colorado.edu/physics/2000/polarization/twisting_light.html .

      This is a wonderful educational site for high school students. If you open
      it, you will see what "twisting light" means and how you can "twist" light
      (simply by putting a polarizing filter between two crossed polarizing
      filters). If you click "previous", you will go to "blocking light" and I
      highly recommend you to play with the filters by switching them on/off and
      rotating the filter on the right. If you again go to "previous", you will
      arrive to "polarization" and you will know more about polarization.

      What you will see on the "twisting light" picture is "twisted light",
      however, this light has no orbital angular momentum. Twisted light with an
      orbital angular momentum (OAM) was discovered about 10 years ago (see
      Scientific American November 2003) and must/can be created in a different
      manner. The twisted light with OAM is "spirally polarized light", however,
      this term was used only in that scientific paper in Journal of the Optical
      Socienty of America that I cited in my previous message. This phenomenon is
      not well understood/known by/to physicists (as far as I know), but I am sure
      that will not last long. One fascinating feature is that it might be
      possible to observe planets circling aroung stars outside our solar system
      by using certain special properties of that light (see Scientific American
      November 2003) .

      I was misled by Tomas Barendregt message (see below). Although he was right
      that light with an OAM is twisted (except, Tom , that "orbital momentum" is
      not the equivalent of "twist"), there may be twisted light without on OAM.
      The latter light is used to shine laptop screens, by the way.

      Now, what should be used for "twisted light" in Czech. I think that
      "stoèené" svìtlo might be used and I apalogize to Darina for laughing her
      out in my previous message. "Vortex beam" is used for beams of light with
      the OAM (not very often, because this is really a new effect), perhaps
      "víøivý svìtelný paprsek" might be used and even "víøivé svìtlo", although I
      did not find it on Czech sites (again, no wonder).

      I hope that I did not miss again something essential, I repeat, it's not
      that easy to find a specialist for this problem.

      Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 18:10:10 -0000
      From: "tomas_barendregt"
      Subject: Re: Twisted light

      Ahoj Darino,

      dosud jsem to neznal, ale docela jsem si o tom na netu rad pocetl.
      Zajimava vec. V cestine jsem nasel "opticky vir" (s dlouhym i ve
      slove vir, samozrejme, ale zatim v uvozovkach, takze to asi neni
      obecne prijaty termin) a taky o neco odborneji znejici "svetlo s
      nenulovym orbitalnim momentem" pricemz ten orbitalni moment je zrejme
      ekvivalentem anglickeho "twist" coz je zas zrejme jen popularni vyraz
      pro "Orbital Angular Momentum".

      Diky za vylet do novych sfer.


      --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, Darina B wrote:
      > Dobry a pekny den vsem,
      > slyseli jste nekdy nekdo o "twisted light"? Jak by se to dalo
      nejlepe prelozit do cj?
      > Pojem je z fyziky.
      > Dekuji za pomoc.
      > Darina

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