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Re: [Czechlist] Re: Term: EN-CZ (business narrative)

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  • Pecinkova - prekladatelsky servis
    Ok. I will use naratologie if you come and give a lecture on what naratologie means (free beer provided, of course). Those technocrats they know
    Message 1 of 15 , Mar 26, 2006
      Ok. I will use "naratologie" if you come and give a lecture on what
      "naratologie" means (free beer provided, of course). Those "technocrats"
      they know perfectly what happens to the structure of steel when their
      1200-ton press strikes but have no idea what plural or singular is.
      Thank you all.


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      > Iveta,
      > This 'narrative' seems to be quite a buzzword in all kinds of
      > disciplines these days.
      > Once upon a time it dwelt happily in the faraway land of literary
      > studies, but then it set out to seek its fortune in semiotics,
      > cognitive science, town planning, you name it (google "landscape as
      > narrative" or for that matter "architecture/football/the body as
      > narrative") and so it was only a matter of time before it wandered
      > onto the business studies curriculum. All kinds of wonderful claims
      > were made about how "the human brain is hardwired for storytelling"
      > (of course, people who are good at storytelling are good at making
      > claims about the importance of storytelling :-)) and all the people of
      > the land proclaimed, "oh yes, the narrative paradigm is the theory
      > that all meaningful communication is a form of storytelling (see
      > Wikipedia, Narrative)" and yet others responded, "yes, human beings
      > experience and comprehend life as a series of ongoing narratives, each
      > with their own conflicts, characters, beginnings, middles, and ends"
      > as if they had a clue what these narratologists were on about.
      > None of this will help you very much to find any plausible-sounding
      > Czech equivalent, alas. Google 'naratologie' 'grantova agentura CR'
      > :-) and you will find 'vypraveni', 'vypravovani' or maybe even
      > 'narativum', but who would give a magic bean for any of these words?
      > Do bear in mind, however, that "narrative" will sound like a
      > new-fangled notion in this context to many NSs too, so I wouldn't be
      > too afraid of resorting to some radical measures in Czech. For
      > example, could you steal the narratologist's thunder and call it
      > 'podnikatelsky zamerena naratologie/teorie vypraveni' or 'naratologie
      > zamerena na podnikani :-)? Or add a long footnote, charge lots of
      > money and live happily ever after.
      > BR
      > Melvyn (bit of a narratologist myself when somebody puts a beer in
      > front of me)
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      > http://www.slovodne.cz
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