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Re: [Czechlist] Help: hotel/menu items

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  • Terminus Technicus
    imobilni pokoj - room with wheelchair access? it s not just access and not just wheelchair (movement impaired), there s a special bathroom for wheelchair
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 2, 2005
      imobilni pokoj - room with wheelchair access?
      it's not just access and not just wheelchair (movement impaired), there's a
      special bathroom for wheelchair people, plus some features for deaf/blind,
      etc., for example fire alarm siren will signal fire by flashing light in the
      room, etc.... I believe there's some all-encompassing PC term for this type
      of room (there's usually at least one on every floor of a hotel), but can't
      remember it off the top of my head...

      manzelske luzko - I presume this is just an ordinary double bed would be
      what's called queen size in US, but double as a general term is OK

      Pestra nabidka kavy Alfredo a ruzných druhu cokolad - does this refer
      to various types of hot chocolate/chocolate drinks/chocolate?

      The hotel also offers the sport "ricochet". Is this simply squash or
      is it something else? (can't find any decent English hits for ricochet
      and sport - just German ones)

      Different court, different rules, different rackets and balls, the word is
      french, but used in Eng, try different spelling, I think ther's an accent
      somewhere in there

      Predrezervace pokoje cislo - this is a heading for booking services.
      Do they mean Predrezervace cisla pokoje?

      Also they have the following privacy disclaimer:

      Vytvorenim registrace souhlasite se zasilanim informaci tohoto systemu
      do databaze hotelu XXXX, v souladu se zakonem c. 480/2004 Sb., o
      nekterych sluzbach informacni spolecnosti. Zaroven *souhlasim* s tim,
      aby hotel CENTRAL zpracoval Vami poskytnuta data k marketingovym

      I presume the word in asterisks should be souhlasite? Also what is
      an "informacni spolecnost" an informatinon cpmpany? (society?)

      - the spolecnost in the name of the Act refers to the use of IT in everyday
      life, informacni spolecnost being an euphemism for bigh bother (as in
      Orwell, not TV Nova), literally society, but would sound weird if translated
      this way, best to look up an established translation of the name of the Act
      in question (alth' that may indeed be horrible Czenglish)


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