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Re: [Czechlist] Help: weird made up "arty" words

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  • James Kirchner
    ... Assemblage would be one of the words we use here for that type of piece. It s like a collage or montage of solid objects. If you didn t want to use
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 26, 2005
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      On Sunday, June 26, 2005, at 02:24 PM, coilinoc wrote:

      > Spoustu metod tvorby kolazi si vymyslel Jiri Kolar (1914), basn�k a
      > prekladatel, ktery na konci 50. let dosel k rozkladu prirozene poezie a
      > vytvareni typogramu, *asamblazi* (assemblage?)

      "Assemblage" would be one of the words we use here for that type of
      piece. It's like a collage or montage of solid objects. If you didn't
      want to use that term, the only thing you could go with is the clumsier
      "found-object piece".

      > a kolazi, v nichz vyuzival utrzku nejruznejsich druhu pisma a
      > predevsim vyuzival
      > reprodukci slavnych umeleckych del. Postupne vznikla *rolaz (rollage??)

      The word "rollage" exists in English (but seemingly not in
      dictionaries) as a term for the amount of rolls of something --
      wallpaper rollage, for example. The word does not exist in French, but
      "roller" means a roller skate in French. Why not say "rollage" and
      assume he rolled something over the paper or canvas?

      > *, *muchlaz* (!?),

      This one sounds like he kissed it. (Type "muchla" into the dictionary
      at volny.cz.) It's not unusual for "contemporary" artists to create
      images using lip impressions. If that's what this is, I'd vote for
      something along the lines of "smoochage".

      > *chiasm��* ("chiasmage"??),

      I googled "chiasmo" and got an Italian page in Wikipedia that led to
      "chiasmus" in English. (The article's very interesting, by the way.)
      It ends up like this:

      > Today, chiasmus is applied fairly broadly to any "criss-cross"
      > structure, although in classical rhetoric, it would have been
      > distinguished from other similar devices, especially antimetabole . In
      > its classical application, chiasmus would have been used for
      > structures that do not repeat the same words and phrases.

      The word "chiasmare" got three Italian hits, and those seemed to have
      something to do with criss-crossing something as well. I suppose you
      could write "chiasmage" and let people puzzle over it.

      > ventil�� ("ventilage"?)
      > a dalsi prapodivne nazvy pro zpusob tvorby.

      Simple. He created the image by punching holes, also not an unusual
      way for modern artists to create images. I think "ventilage" would
      probably do here also.

      Since the terms are clearly meant a bit tongue-in-cheek, I think you
      can get away with Anglicizing them, all except for that "muchlaz".

      The next person who says "with tongue firmly in cheek" gets shot.

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