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  • Melvyn Clarke
    Hello everybody, I have noted down a few translations which for various reasons caught my eye in the July/August edition of the Prague Tribune. Prelom Na
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2000
      Hello everybody,

      I have noted down a few translations which for various reasons caught my eye
      in the July/August edition of the Prague Tribune.

      Na pocatku byla IP linka, tedy linka umoznujici prenaset internetovy
      protokol, pote prisla
      narodni domena a Ceska republika ziskala internetovou identitu. Kdy? Na
      prelomu let 1991-

      In the beginning there was the IP line, which enabled the transfer of
      internet protocol. Then
      came the national domain, and the Czech Republic acquired its online
      identity. When did all
      this happen? Sometime around the end of 1991 and the beginning of 1992.

      Some time ago, Irena, you were interested in how to express 'leading
      company' (or something similar). Well I'm sure you won't be too impressed
      with this solution:

      Marek Antos, majitel internetoveho vyhledavace Lupa a znalec internetoveho
      prostredi v CR,
      mezi lidry soucasneho trhu radi Contactel, Czech OnLine....a World OnLine

      Marek Antos, owner of the search engine Lupa, and an expert on the Czech
      net, ranks the
      following firms among the leaders of the field at the moment: Contactel,
      Czech OnLine....a
      World OnLine.

      Tomas and Otto - a while back you were asking about a good translation for

      Nabidka internetu se od poskytovani proste konektivity a obsahu posune k
      hostingu, tedy k poskytovani sluzeb jako je e-bankovnictvi, e-fakturovani,
      The range of internet services available will more from the provision of
      connection and
      content to so-called advanced hosting, that is the provision of services
      like e-banking, e-
      invoicing, e-ordering etc.

      Srovnani techto vysledku s vysledky stejneho pruzkumu z roku 1999 ukazuje,
      ze zatimco
      celkovy pocet uzivatelu vzrostl mezirocne jen malo, velke mnozstvi
      prilezitostnich uzivatelu
      preslo do kategorie stalych.

      A comparison of these results with the figures from the same survey in 1999
      shows that,
      while the total number of users has grown insubstantially during the past
      year, a large
      number of occasional users moved over into the permanent-user category.

      Fringe benefits
      Prejit od velke firmy s casto velmi vysokym platem, radou socialnich vyhod a
      kariernim postupem do zacinajici firmy obvykle znamena akceptovat plat
      podstatne nizsi...

      To move from a job in a large company (with a better than average monthly
      salary, a number
      of fringe benefits and guaranteed promotion) to a start-up company usually
      means accepting
      a substantially lower salary...

      V roce 1999 pripadalo na rozhlas necelych devet procent veskerych vydaju do
      reklamy v
      tomto statu.

      In 1999, radio was responsible for approximately nine percent of all
      advertising expenditures
      in this country.

      Ve Spojenych statech plati, ze kdo neobchoduje s akciemi on-line, jako by

      In the United States, those who don't trade shares online may as well not


      Some time ago, Michael G., you were asking if the Prague Tribune still uses
      No, as far as I can see, it only uses 'Czech Republic'.

      Y'all take it easy now, y'hear?


      P.S. How does a Yorkshireman say: "it isn't in the tin"?

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