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Full Time JOB: Copywriter & Translator for Oskar in Prague

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  • Martin Janda
    Anybody interested? M. http://www.jobpilot.de/misc/adframe/jobpilot/7d4/2c/1145574.htm Translator/Copywriter Referencní císlo: MKTG00131C Oddelení:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2004
      Anybody interested?


      Referencn� c�slo: MKTG00131C

      Oddelen�: Oddelen� marketingu

      Nadr�zeny: Editor in Chief


      M�sto zamestn�n�: Prague


      O jak� m�sto jde?
      Hlavn� �koly
      As an active member of the Employee Marketing team, the Copy
      Writer/Translator will provide copy writing and translation services for
      communications directed to all Oskar employees in keeping with established
      copy and translation tone and guidelines.

      Popis pr�ce

      a.. Copywriting and translation of written communication from English to
      Czech and Czech to English including correspondence from senior management.
      b.. Copywriting and translation from English to Czech, and Czech to
      English to facilitate effective information flow, context and key messages
      used in electronic and print channels, face-to-face presentations, meetings,
      etc. between various key internal clients and Oskar employees.
      c.. Working closely with the entire Employee Marketing Team, including
      communication managers, specialists and others to translate a variety of
      communication products including informational email campaigns, Q&A
      positioning statements, campaign elements and infonet pages.
      d.. Developing a strong understanding of the Oskar brand and applying that
      understanding to all copy and translation assignments to reflect the correct
      tonality and context.
      e.. Quality control of all copy and translations including assurance of
      proper Oskarization and ensuring that each translation reflects the intended
      tone, personality, nuance and key points as intended by the author of the
      f.. Working to build strong relationships with a variety of stakeholders,
      including Learning and Growth Management, Employee Marketing Team and
      management and communication specialists in other areas of the business
      including Frontline, Brand and Communications and Marketing.


      Jak� jsou pozadavky?
      Pozadovan� vzdel�n�

      a.. Bachelor Degree.
      b.. Type of school: marketing, journalism, communication.

      Pozadovan� pracovn� zkusenosti

      a.. Total years of experience: 3
      b.. Years of experience in the relevant area/position: 5-6

      Pozadovan� schopnosti

      a.. Excellent English & Czech written and verbal communication skills.
      b.. Translation capability.
      c.. Excellent presentation skills.
      d.. Strong Time Management Skills.
      e.. Ability to work well under pressure.
      f.. Thrive in teamwork environment.
      g.. Excellent listening & comprehension skills.
      h.. Comfortable working with all levels of organization.
      i.. Creativity.

      Jazykov� pozadavky
      Fluent in English.

      Oskar Mobil, a.s
      Vinohradsk� 167
      100 00, Praha 10

      fax: 271 171 916

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