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Re: [Czechlist] hydrogeological

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    Hi Kostas, perhaps, but I did not find what s fracture impression packing or core logging in it. However, core logging is zaznam jadra vrtu , i.e. a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2004
      Hi Kostas,
      perhaps, but I did not find what's "fracture impression packing" or "core
      logging" in it.
      However, "core logging" is "zaznam jadra vrtu", i.e. a table indicating for
      a particular depth the chemical composition, kind of mineral etc. in the
      corresponding layer. However, Google does not know anything about "fracture
      impression packing".


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      TERMS: hydrogeological

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      <beatarodlingova@h...> wrote:
      > Hydrogeologie jde mimo me, posilam alespon odkaz na IMHO
      > nejucelenejsi geologicky slovnik online. Snad pomuze pri inspiraci.
      > http://nts2.cgu.cz/app/gslov/gslov.pl
      > BR Beata

      Diky, ten slovnik vypada dobre.


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