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Re: [Czechlist] Help: TV Speak

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  • andeds@aol.com
    predelovaci pasaz podbarvenou hudbou First of all, I was thinking of something on the lines of transition passage/sequence with background music . Is this a
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 4, 2004
      "predelovaci pasaz podbarvenou hudbou"

      First of all, I was thinking of something on the lines of "transition passage/sequence with background music". Is this a bit colourless? Fronek gives "background music" for podbarveni.

      Perhaps "scene transition with background music" would be better.

      I don't know if pasaz has a very specific meaning in a TV/film context. (Sekvence is both (film) sequence and scene, according to Fronek. According to one definition I've seen, a scene is a series of shots, and a sequence is a series of scenes).

      Google for "scene transition", and straight away you find this sort of thing (background music, tips on how to make soundtracks):
      Some pieces of music work better than others for long periods of time, but typically after several minutes it’s helpful to transition to something else. Also, if you have a scene change that requires different music this same method can be used to ease the **scene transition** without an obvious gap.
      www.smartsound.com/support/ faq/tutorials/tutorial_blending.html

    • James Kirchner
      Enlightening. Thank you. I ll cease challenging you for the day. Jamie ... ... ... [Non-text portions of this message have been
      Message 2 of 7 , Sep 4, 2004
        Enlightening. Thank you. I'll cease challenging you for the day.


        On Saturday, September 4, 2004, at 12:11 PM, andeds@... wrote:

        > Coming back to "sync shot":
        > na prvni synchron s Janou
        > This is what gave me the idea that it's a shot of someone being
        > interviewed, with (presumably) the sound synchronised to the image.
        > I don't know if there's more context to make this clearer.
        > In a non-sync shot you might still hear the interviewee's voice but
        > see different images. This is the general idea I get from the Google
        > examples I've seen: "sync(h)" in the context of film/video refers to
        > the sound being synchronised to the image.
        > This is the first thing that came up when I searched for the exact
        > phrase "sync shots":
        > In low budget situations, where a professional audio recorder is not an
        > option, one may attempt "wild sync" for short sync shots. ...
        > www.sfu.ca/sca/Manuals/ZAAPf/s/sync(loc).html
        > This is about audio in relation to video.
        > Further down on the first page of Google hits, there's this:
        > I particularly liked the way the audio from the synch shots was timed
        > to overlap
        > into the non-sync shots so that the audio edits would be less
        > noticable. ...
        > www.archive.org/movies/details-db.php?collection=opensource_
        > movies&collectionid=come_join_the_fun2004
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