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Re: TERM: warnings & cautions

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  • kzgafas
    ... is ... operate as ... idea after ... preventive ... think that ... respectively. ... translataed in ... with my ... Mas pravdu, taky bych radeji pouzil
    Message 1 of 5 , May 26, 2004
      --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, "Jirka Bolech" <jirka.bolech@s...>
      > Hi Kostas,
      > > WARNING
      > > Whenever a potentially hazardous situation to people or equipment
      > > present.
      > > CAUTION :
      > > Things to know (to do or to avoid) to get the equipment to
      operate as
      > > intended.
      > It's perhaps too litle too late from me now, but I only got the
      idea after
      > reading the above. Differentiating between such two levels of
      > information, about potential 'danger' and 'operation problems', I
      think that
      > Czech manuals often use the words "vystraha" and "upozorneni",
      > I think that the two English words at issue may get better
      translataed in
      > different ways in other usages; that's also why I'm only coming up
      with my
      > suggestion rather belatedly.
      > Jirka Bolech

      Mas pravdu, taky bych radeji pouzil "upozorneni" jako caution, ale v
      mem prekladu tam byla jeste treti uroven: "note", tedy poznamka.
      Poznamka a upozorneni by se podle mne prekryvalo, proto jsem caution
      prelozil jako "pozor", aby to bylo odstupnovane.

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