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Re: Pusobnost

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  • Melvyn Clarke
    Hi Vit, ... A few ideas: Pùsobnost zákona - Scope of the Act Soudní pùsobnost - jurisdiction elsewhere depending on context: (personal, geographic,
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 15, 1999
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      Hi Vit,

      >How would you tackle an English translation of the Czech word: "p�sobnost"?
      >It pops up in legal documents and concordances such as: "p�sobnost pr�vn�
      >normy, p�sobnost osobn�, m�stn�, �asov�, v�cn�".

      A few ideas:
      P�sobnost z�kona - Scope of the Act
      Soudn� p�sobnost - jurisdiction
      elsewhere depending on context: (personal, geographic, temporal, material)
      area of authority, area of competence,
      area of responsibility, province, field, operation, range -

      I reckon this comes under Paul Sinclair's area of competence if only he
      could get through to us...send us a # if you agree, Paul.

      This being a real translation puzzle (teaser, even "stinker",

      Nice one.

      >Message for Melvyn, in particular: Referring to the chat we had the other
      >day about "verbal thinking", I have made some research on the issue.
      >Indeed, in Anglo-Saxon psycholinguistics, no such thing seems to exist
      >explicitly, and appears to be implicit, co-existing with "thinking in
      >images". This very idea seems to be more familiar to German region (Karel
      >Buhler, e. g.) and transduced to Czech from German. Still, I believe the
      >gray ("twilight") zone between the process of thoughts and its
      >transformation into multi-culture environment, as an essence of translating
      >process, deserves some attention.

      Cripes. I thought the alcohol was going to my head rather quickly that
      evening but now I realize the cause of my cross-eyed incomprehension. I just
      can't handle German psycholinguistics after 7 pm.
      Mind you, talking of abysses, I reckon that many translators are workaholics
      because they get _addicted_ to staring into the great chasm, the heart of
      ambiguity at the very core of life that yawns in the interstices of
      Start worrying when the abyss starts staring back at you.

      Must get together for a drink again some time soon, Vit.

    • Paul Sinclair
      Hello everybody, I actually responded to Vit s question about pusobnost yesterday, but I didn t use the right address and the thing just got sucked into a
      Message 2 of 5 , Nov 16, 1999
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        Hello everybody,
        I actually responded to Vit's question about "pusobnost" yesterday, but I didn't use the right address and the thing just got sucked into a sort of existential chasm. Are messages sent to the whole list to be addressed to Czechlist@onelist.com ?

        For pusobnost pravni normy I'd say force, effect, [scope of] application, applicability of the law; osobni pusobnost = personal competence, authority, authorization, powers, purview; mistni pusobnost = local, territorial jurisdiction; casova pusobnost temporary effect; vecna pusobnost simply effect. Do these fit your contexts?
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