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Re: [Czechlist] Re: Term: EN HUB Zoned

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  • Iveta Pecinkova - preklady a tlumoceni
    Jamie and Judy, thank you very much for your exhaustive explanation. Really appreciated. Thanks Iveta ... From: To:
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 7, 2004
      Jamie and Judy,
      thank you very much for your exhaustive explanation. Really appreciated.

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      > In a message dated 3/7/04 6:52:09 AM, jsyeaton@... writes:
      > > "HUB Zoned Business (Z): A business operating within a Historically
      > > Underutilized Business Zone.
      > >
      > Just to help you understand the whole meaning, I'll cut through the
      > here. An area is declared a HUB zone if it is an urban ghetto
      > of some kind where most of the businesses have left, often due to safety
      > economic concerns. An example would be an area not far from me, which
      was once
      > a predominantly white working-class area, but in the 1970s the whites
      > fleeing from the increasing crime as the percentage of poor black
      > rose (a race riot nearby that lasted several days did not help matters).
      > Businesses also moved out, shops due to increasing costs related to
      insurance and
      > theft and increased physical danger to their employees, and factories
      > left because their facilities were aging and they preferred to rebuild
      > somewhere else than to fix up an old plant. The area then became very
      > depressed, and most residents who want a job have to go somewhere else,
      > is a hardship, because some of them lack money for good transportation.
      > Basically there is nowhere to shop either, which makes things even worse
      for the
      > people there. The area was declared a HUB zone to encourage businesses
      > move in and provide jobs.
      > HUB zones are basically declared in this type of depressed neighborhood.
      > You will not find HUB zones in most predominantly white areas, or in areas
      > populated by middle-class or wealthy blacks (who nowadays settle into
      > white neighborhoods anyway). I have never heard of a HUB zone being
      > declared in the country, but that doesn't mean there aren't any.
      > Jamie
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