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Re: IMF police interpreting

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  • jpelka@seznam.cz
    ... cernych klubu Good! My favourites - American Standards Institute translated as Americky vlajkovy institut (vlajka = standarta - ouch!); and since
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 30, 2000
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      --- In Czechlist@egroups.com, JPKIRCHNER@a... wrote:

      > blue-collar city - "mesto modre barvy"
      > president of the block club association - "presidentka asosiace
      cernych klubu"

      My favourites - "American Standards Institute" translated
      as "Americky vlajkovy institut" (vlajka = standarta - ouch!); and

      "since" translated as "od te doby co" instead of "protoze"
      or "jelikoz", and other way round (in the same document, ouch!!).

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