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Re: [Czechlist] Re: Belated response to Melvyn's footnote on "veda, vedecky" etc.

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    ... trifle harsh on die kleine Helga - , Oh, I absolutely don t intend to... It s a bit of an issue between us, whether it concerns translations she
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 3, 2004
      > Well, I don't wish to patronize either but I think you are being just a
      trifle harsh on die kleine Helga >->,

      Oh, I absolutely don't intend to... It's a bit of an issue between us,
      whether it concerns translations she occassionally does for us, or her own
      we discuss ... we just have different opinions - mostly because she does get
      more legal work - and, occassionally, I can't get her to think in terms of
      "what did they wanted to say" > "what would that be in German if a NS said
      it" which, in 99,5 % of our work is what we're looking for, even if the
      original is plain stupid or is missing important parts of the sentences...
      hope I wasn't sounding too harsh, I wouldn't want to do that, OK, Helga?

      > > thought of PIONEERING activities, but I guess that only has positive
      connotations in Eng
      > Might well work. Could combine it with 'brave new' to make the positive
      connotations sound over the top, and/or use 'social pioneering' perhaps.

      Actually, "brave new pioneering activities" or something to that effect does
      the job quite nicely...

      > I find ironic references to the old regime can cause difficulties. I've
      known of cases where historians slip into the jargon and postures of the
      period they are describing without any obvious irony markers and then they
      express disappointment that their foreign audience did not seem to
      spontaneously get it.

      Only here it's not histrorians, but everyone over the age of (god, are we
      that old now) 30 - used to making between-the-lines jokes, I guess, but I
      bet today's 15 - 18 years old would be totally lost on most of them and/or
      would never use them (correctly)... I was amazed at what 15 years old had to
      say about pre-1989 Czechoslovakia and Communism when I was helping a few
      newspapers/TV crews during the 10th Velvet Revolution Anniversary (tm)...
      one little guy said something to the effect of: "Commies?, yeah, I think my
      mom used to know one" :)

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