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Re: [Czechlist] Bonitni klient THANKS

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  • Terminus Technicus
    Hi Martin and Jirka (and maybe others, I just got back to 288 unread Czechlist messages...), ... I have a bank account in the UK (Bank of Scottland) where I
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 5, 2004
      Hi Martin and Jirka (and maybe others, I just got back to 288 unread
      Czechlist messages...),

      > market has still a long to go before we get these things free as in the
      > 'civilized' countries....

      I have a bank account in the UK (Bank of Scottland) where I managed to
      obtain on-line access (for checking the balance only!!!) after much
      trouble - it's free, true, but the whole thing is very primitive - just a
      password and login name they send you the way you receive credit card
      PIN's - and you have to get a new one every time you re-install your system,
      or want to log-in from another machine... and the interface is not very
      user-friendly - maybe they intended it babicka-friendly...

      My wife has an account in the US - I was stupid to close mine when I was
      leaving there - (Chevy Chase Bank) and we also managed to get online
      access - I think she can also send money from there, but it would be too
      expensive anyway... again, it's free, but anyone can get in if they catch
      her getting in from an unprotected machine - login name and password, then
      the credit card number !!! - so if someone hacks your account, they also
      have your credit-card number...

      Meanwhile back home, I've been a happy user of eBanka (formerly Expandia)
      for about five years now, with two accounts and about to open another one...
      the cost differs with what you want and how much of it you want, and also
      with the time you opened your account (they changed the charges a few times
      and the original ones always seem to be better, but gone for new clients
      ...)... for one account, I pay something like 160 Kc a month, for the other
      I don't pay anything as long as I keep an average balance of over CZK 30k
      there... the security (as far as I can tell with the little I know about IT
      security) is far better - you generate an extra code from a calculator-like
      device (or a phone, or on-line) using your PIN every time you do
      something... it's sometimes annoying to have to play with the calculator
      thing for a while before your order/request is processed, but it's worth

      It may seem costly, but comapred to tother banks' "online banking" I've seen
      and heard of, it's money well spend... both my accounts are "osobni ucet",
      for "podnikatelsky", the charge is about 20 Kc/mo more, plus you can
      download all your statements in a file format that can be imported into most
      accounting programs!!, I don't think anyone else offers that many functions,
      you can do just about anything online or with GSM banking, two accounts in
      foreign currencies with the same features for the same charge... etc. etc...
      I should start charging them promo fees :)

      I tried to get a similar feature for a couple of accounts I keep in CSOB and
      it's ridiculous in comparison...

      Enjoy your on-line banking!

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