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RE: [Czechlist] Still Casino, next sentence.. - THANKS

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  • Helga Humlova
    Thanks Jamie! yes, you are right, we are talking card counters... Thanks to Mateji too H. ... From: JPKIRCHNER@aol.com [mailto:JPKIRCHNER@aol.com] Sent:
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 4, 2003
      Thanks Jamie! yes, you are right, we are talking card counters...

      Thanks to Mateji too


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      In a message dated 11/4/03 2:00:26 PM, helga.humlova@... writes:

      > After several BP's were barred by `team wise' casino operators, the
      > team leader was losing his experienced players who were high profile
      > because they `bet the money' while the less experience spotters were
      > virtually playing unnoticed.
      The casino operators were "wise to teams", meaning that they could recognize

      when people were playing as teams, and they were familiar with the teams'
      organizations and strategies.

      This sentence means that...

      - Some players were in the casino working as teams (possibly of card
      counters, etc.).
      - The casino operators were "wise to" (familiar with) the way the teams
      operated, recognized what was happening, and kicked out the BPs (the guys on
      teams who were betting big).
      - The team's experienced players were conspicuous because they were betting
      large sums.
      - When these BPs were kicked out, the leader of the team was losing all his
      experienced players.
      - The team's inexperienced players were not conspicuous, because they
      betting big money.
      - The casino operators did not notice these less experienced players and did

      not kick them out.


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