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Re: TERM: polosed

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  • kzgafas
    ... it!!!!! I just ... think he ... Nooo. What I proposed first was half-sitting . You came up with half-sitting and half-seated , prefering the
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 3, 2003
      > Guys, you are kidding!!!! It was Kostaz, who first mentioned
      it!!!!! I just
      > Google checked (my first bet was half-seated) and confirmed, that I
      think he
      > is right!!!!!!
      > H.

      Nooo. What I proposed first was "half-sitting". You came up
      with "half-sitting and "half-seated", prefering the "half-sitting".
      However, finally I chose "half-seated".

      But anyway, I prefer to use Google rather for terminology (as I have
      done about hundred times during translating this paper). This case
      of "half-seated" vs. "half-sitting" seems to me an example
      of "natural language", when Google may not provide a good answer.

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