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Re: software commands

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  • tomas_barendregt
    Hello Elka, Here are my suggestions: Bill(ing) UOM (unit of measure) Fctr (Factor) Den(ominator) jmenovatel koeficientu MJ (mìrné jednotky) fakturace [I
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 28, 2003
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      Hello Elka,

      Here are my suggestions:

      "Bill(ing) UOM (unit of measure) Fctr (Factor) Den(ominator)"
      jmenovatel koeficientu MJ (mìrné jednotky) fakturace
      [I assume there is some sort of a formula to calculate the billing

      "Adj. LP (linear programming) Inventory Level"
      optimalizovaný stav zásob na základì lineárního programování
      [linear programming is a mathematical method used for a number of
      business application including, I believe, inventory management]

      "Free Above Target Non-Stock"
      volný nadmìrný stav neskladových zásob
      [this is a real stretch… `free' may mean not earmarked for a specific
      purpose/job/order; `above target' may refer to exceeding a
      planned/eacpected quantity; `non-stock' refers to items in the
      warehouse which are not meant for sale to customers such as office
      supplies or "phantom items" such as subassemblies which are only used
      as a part of a final product but are not sold to customers – since
      these subassemblies are in the warehouse, there must be a way to
      account for them but by marking them `non-stock' it is clear no
      customer may order them]

      I hope this gives you some starting points for further research.

      Take care,

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