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RE: [Czechlist] TERM: lisp - sislat?

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  • Doris M. Cavey
    Don t we say babytalk ? ... From: JPKIRCHNER@aol.com [mailto:JPKIRCHNER@aol.com] Sent: Sat 9/27/2003 11:41 PM To: Czechlist@yahoogroups.com Cc: Subject: Re:
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      Don't we say 'babytalk'?

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      > And another thing - what do you call it when some people
      > change the way they pronounce things so as to come "closer" to the
      way small
      > children speak (in Czech, sislat)? All my dictionaries say LISP but
      I�ve always
      > thought lisping was a speach impediment rather than something you
      did because
      > you wanted to. Any ideas?
      You can lisp on purpose if you want to. I do that when I'm trying to
      Poles and Czechs to pronounce the interdental fricatives: "Muth�te
      vythlovovat thpravne!" Lisping is specifically pronouncing an
      interdental fricative
      (a so-called "th sound") instead of an alveolar fricative (/s/ or
      /z/). It's
      not just any sort of childish pronunciation. There is also a lateral
      lisp in
      which people pronounce a "sh" or "zh" sound -- but very juicy! --
      instead of
      /s/ or /z/.

      There's no word in English, that I know of, for deliberately feigning
      child's pronunciation. We merely say that the person is pronouncing
      like a small


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