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Re: [Czechlist] Re: TERM: statim (is something very different!)

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  • JPKIRCHNER@aol.com
    ... Yes, in that usage it s equivalent to the English term stat (originally Latin), used in American hospitals.  But this lekarsky slovnik is very
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 2, 2003
      In a message dated 9/1/03 3:23:27 AM, karel6005@... writes:

      > "Statim" is an instruction to carry out a test urgently.
      Yes, in that usage it's equivalent to the English term "stat" (originally
      Latin), used in American hospitals.  But this lekarsky slovnik is very incomplete
      and gave me some bad results, which is why I stopped using it.

      These "statim" tests were not carried out on an urgent basis, but were part
      of a battery of various tests done every one to two weeks, so the ordinary
      meaning of "stat" did not fit.  There was nothing urgent about them, so I kept
      searching and found sites like this:

      "Stat and statim stains are modifications of classical Wright Giemsa and
      Wright stain respectively.  The necessary buffer salts are combined in stain
      solutions, allowing as short as 20 seconds for staining time and the use of
      distilled or deionized water as buffer and rinse."

      Evidently they are called "statim" because you get the test results quickly.

      This was the more likely meaning of the term in the context I was translating
      it in, and in that case it didn't need to be translated at all.


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