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Roznaseci rost - research technique

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  • Melvyn Clarke
    Dusan Papousek inquired: Could anyone help me to translate rozná¹ecí ro¹t (construction industry). I m not a civil engineer, but if roznaseci referes
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2000
      Dusan Papousek inquired:

      Could anyone help me to translate "rozn��ec� ro�t" (construction industry).

      I'm not a civil engineer, but if "roznaseci" referes to the function of
      "roznaseni zatizeni", then something like "load distribution grate" might
      work. A bit of Web search could help confirm/correct (Melvyn's trick).

      You rang <deep voice>?

      Awkward one. I went through all permutations of "load distribution" or
      "weight distribution" plus 'grate', 'grating', 'grille', 'grill' and 'grid'.
      'Grid' is especially awkward because of course it is used in a different
      branch of engineering entirely but when I added keywords like 'building' and
      'construction' the results were so poor it looked very suspect. Then I
      noticed that 'rost' is occasionally translated as 'framing' - hrazdena
      konstrukce, prihradova konstrukce. Could this be it?:


      And this led me on to "framework" where you get even more hits in the
      required context. Just a few shots in the dark - tell me if they look any


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