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RE: [Czechlist] RE: soft and hard costs

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  • Helga Humlova
    Ahoj Sarko, v jednom glossary (http://www.centerforcommercialrealestate.com/glossary.htm ) jsem nasla toto: Soft Cost: That portion of an equity investment
    Message 1 of 31 , Mar 1, 2003
      Ahoj Sarko,

      v jednom glossary
      (http://www.centerforcommercialrealestate.com/glossary.htm ) jsem nasla
      Soft Cost: That portion of an equity investment other than the actual cost
      of the improvements themselves (i.e. architectural and engineering fees,
      commissions, etc.) and which may be tax-deductible in the first year. See
      also "Hard Cost".
      Hard Cost: The cost of actually constructing the improvements (i.e.
      construction costs). See also "Soft Cost".
      To me it seems that "soft cost" is something like "vedlejsi vydaje" a hard
      cost je "vlastní cena vyrobku/majetku".

      According to what I found on Google it many seems to be applied to
      lease/real estate related cost.


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      Hi friend,

      can somebody explain be the above financial terms?

      The context is as follows:
      Bank Charge structure: Regardless of how it is being paid i.e. soft or hadr
      costs as compensating balances may be required to meet these expences.


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    • Zemedelec@aol.com
      Just for fun, there s a phrase of James Baldwin s I d like someone to try to translate: Drop dead slowly, in great pain! (vocative) I guess the drop safe
      Message 31 of 31 , Mar 7, 2003
        Just for fun, there's a phrase of James Baldwin's I'd like someone to try to
        translate: "Drop dead slowly, in great pain!" (vocative) I guess the "drop
        safe" title line reminded me.

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