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Re: [Czechlist] Abbreviations, possessives

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  • Michael Grant
    ... I always follow the company s own usage. The official name is specified in the company s statutes (this also applies to capitalization, etc.). I assume
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 8, 2000
      >I guess this is a matter of taste, but I always prefer "KB a.s." form, i.e.
      >without comma, as the Czech Commercial Code says "Business name is the
      >company's title + "a.s." or "akc. spol." or "akciová spoleãnost". Comma is
      >not mentioned!
      >Any suggestions?

      I always follow the company's own usage. The "official" name is
      specified in the company's statutes (this also applies to
      capitalization, etc.). I assume they're using their own name
      correctly, or if they're not, they can't very well complain if I
      follow their lead. I don't think there's any problem leaving the a.s.
      off after the first mention if there's not a specific reason to use
      the company's full official name. If you're already abbreviating
      Komercni banka to KB, there's probably no good reason to keep the a.s.

      >I guess possessive case is preferred here. But I do not like forms such as
      >"KB a.s.'s" much, although I have already come across them. Do you omit
      >"a.s." in such case and write just "KB's earnings" or do you use of-clauses
      >as in "earnings of KB"? I am all ears!

      I would also avoid "a.s.'s". Whether you can use "of" is something
      you have to play by ear in specific cases. Most of the time it's
      perfectly all right to drop the "a.s." as long as it's included in
      the first mention and in cases where you're using the full official

      >Obviously, Czech abbreviations do not fit to English equivalents.
      >E.g. âesk˜ telekomunikaãní úÞad = âTÚ
      > Czech Telecommunication Authority

      FWIW, I thought they called themselves "Czech Telecommunications
      Office" (haven't checked recently).

      >Shall we translate âTÚ in the Czech text into English as the full expression
      >"Czech Telecommunication Authority" OR after the first such translation put
      >"âTÚ" in brackets and use âTÚ in the English text since then OR to create a
      >new English abbreviation "CTA" and use it???

      On whether to use the full name or an abbreviation, I'd probably
      follow the original and lean towards the (Czech) abbreviation in case
      of doubt. It's probably a good idea to expand it at first mention
      even if the original doesn't. I definitely wouldn't make up my own
      English abbreviation. A few Czech institutions, such as the Prague
      Stock Exchange (PSE) do have accepted English abbreviations already,
      but I doubt the âTÚ does.


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