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Re: [Czechlist] Book stores - and shopping ideas

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  • Miroslav Herold
    Ahoj Radovane, odpovidam jako clen rady JTP a soucasne radovy clen. JTP ma velmi obsahlou knihovnu slovniku, ktera je pristupna vsem clenum JTP po telefonicke
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 29 3:39 PM
      Ahoj Radovane,

      odpovidam jako clen rady JTP a soucasne radovy clen. JTP ma velmi obsahlou
      knihovnu slovniku, ktera je pristupna vsem clenum JTP po telefonicke domluve
      na sekretariate JTP. Po dohode je mozne prezencne v knihovne tyto slovniky
      studovat, porizovat si vypisky. Prezencni studium ma jeden jasny duvod = 1
      exemplar neumoznuje vypujcovani.
      Clenove maji rovnez moznost stejnym zpusobem studovat ve sbirce urednich
      listin (originalni listiny v ruznych jazycich = krestni listy, diplomy,
      rozvodove a jine rozsudky) - vhodne zejmena pro soudni tlumocniky.
      Kazdy rok u prilezitosti svatku sv. Jeronyma, patrona prekladatelu, je
      poradana odborna akce s nazvem "pocitacove odpoledne", t.r. bude 4/10/00,
      kdy jsou zvani predstavitele celnych nakladatelstvi elektronickych slovniku.
      Pri teto prilezitosti jsou nekdy vyhlaseny hromadne nakupy SW slovniku (pro
      Prednaskova akce je pristupna siroke tlumocnicko-prekladatelske verejnosti.



      PS Doufam, ze Melvyn me za tuto informaci nepokara za delani reklamy JTP.

      Ing.Miroslav HEROLD, CSc.

      tlumocník/prekladatel/poradenství/volný novinár
      tel.: xx420 2 536549
      mobil: 0606 865870
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      Od: Radovan Pletka <pletka@...>
      Komu: Czechlist@egroups.com <Czechlist@egroups.com>
      Datum: 29. èervna 2000 20:40
      Pøedmìt: Re: [Czechlist] Book stores - and shopping ideas

      At 09:44 AM 06/29/2000 +0200, you wrote:
      >On one of my rare visits to Prague, I'd like to stock up on some good
      >> dictionaries. Any tips for good book shops?
      >I have bought almost all my paper dictionaries in "Cerná Labut" bookstore.
      >It is situated next to "Bílá Labut" department store near Florence subway
      >station. I really recommend. They have a great choice of many publishing

      Why don't anybody, who gets a good dictionary from Czech republic, shares
      it with others, they may indicate interests, and if 5 or 10 people wants to
      buy the same dictionary, you may buy it wholesale, without DPH and ship it
      to the interested parties. The cost will still be reasonable and everybody
      will save money.

      In fact, why JTP don't do something like this - some JTP people are lurking
      here - ?

      The same should be also possible for the dictionary software. it is always
      chepaer to buy a licence for 20 users than a 20 separate software packages.
      Why JTP don't look into this as well.
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