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Re: [Czechlist] dotaz na bankovni terminy

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  • Simon Vaughan
    Hello Helga, ... I didn t say it was right, only that I didn t know it was wrong. ... Sure it s possible to translate one part of speech (word class) with
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 4, 2002
      Hello Helga,

      > > 8)zajisteni uveru - loan security ?? TO SECURE A LOAN
      > But zajisteni is a noun, albeit a verbal one. "Securing a loan" would
      > work if the syntax demands a noun phrase, but I suppose it needs to
      > be made clear that "securing" here means "guaranteeing" not "obtaining".
      > (BTW, I don't know that "loan security" is wrong.)
      > Even though not native, I have been working in finance and I never seen
      > the term "loan security" in an official document. I do not think it is
      > wrong, I only believe, that in any official document one would talk about
      > how a loan is secured rather than about the loan security.

      I didn't say it was right, only that I didn't know it was wrong.

      > I don't always translate
      > words exactly as to what and how they are in the source text, but as to
      > what they should look like in the target language.

      Sure it's possible to translate one part of speech (word class) with
      another, but it makes sense to define an uncontextualized piece of
      vocabulary using the same part of speech. I was just nominalizing your
      idea, which otherwise I liked.

      Best wishes,

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