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Re: Empire Strikes Back

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  • storkanp
    Martin is right, the difference was slight. However, the translation of Chewbacca into Czech Zvejkal or Zvejk is probably the worst nightmare of SW
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2002
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      Martin is right, the difference was slight. However, the translation
      of "Chewbacca" into Czech "Zvejkal" or "Zvejk" is probably the worst
      nightmare of SW dubbing. I believe all other languages retained the
      original name. Using the same approach, you could translate Skywalker
      as well, and more easily, let's say Hvezdochodec?. Sounds silly, he?
      Actually, everything above is despite the fact that the translation
      was done Frantisek Fuka, one of those most familiar with Star Wars
      world here, in CZ, and great SW fan.
      It would be much more better to use the subtitles instead.
      And yes, "zkracene motory" - it was really striking the eyes... or

      Pavel Storkan

      --- In Czechlist@y..., "Martin Janda" <martinjanda@v...> wrote:
      > Actually, he was saying Z^vejku, but true, it was quite difficult
      to find
      > the difference. BTW, di you noticed a little bug? The admiral was
      > they "zkra'tili" (shortened or cut) the hyperspace engines (or
      > what's-its-name) instead zkratovali (short-circuited). Not to
      mention mixing
      > imperator and cisar...
      > Martin
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      > > I was watching the dubbed Empire Strikes Back on Czech TV last
      > > and began to question my sanity.
      > >
      > > Is it just me, or did anyone else hear "Svejku" instead of
      > > "Chewbacco" when the characters called out to Chewie?
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