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7816Re: TERMS: relating to pet fish

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  • zehrovak@dr.com
    Sep 6, 2001
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      Hi Jarda,

      After running 'aquarium supplies' through Google and browsing around
      http://www.everythingfishy.com I can make the following suggestions:

      > 1. prisavky do akvaria (pr'i'savky) = takove gumove kolecko, ktere
      se pritiskne na stenu akvaria a podtlakem na ni samo drzi a slouzi
      jako uchyt pro nejake vnitrni zarizeni akvaria

      A pound to a penny that these are 'suckers'; check out 'airline
      suckers' and 'aquarium suckers'.

      > 2. skrtitka na vzduchovaci hadicky (s'krti'tka na vzduchovaci'
      hadic'ky) = asi nejaka svorka, ktera se nasadi na hadicku rozvadejici
      vzduch po akvariu a stiskem ji uzavre

      I strongly suspect these are 'check-valves' but run this through
      Google together with 'airline' and 'airstone' to get the overall

      > 3. porodnicky pro zivorodky (porodnic'ky pro z'ivorodky) = zarizeni,
      ve kterem zivorode ryby (livebearer fish) rodi mlade rybky

      Can't figure this one out. As far as I can see, livebearers are
      simply put in a 'breeding tank' and taken out as soon as they give
      birth because when they feel peckish they quickly forget their
      parental instincts.

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