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7048Aargh, chemistry!

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  • Dusan Papousek
    Jul 1 4:23 AM
      Dear Simon,
      do not use "yield" in this context, "yield" is used in chemistry in the
      following context : "yield of a chemical reaction = vytezek chemicke reakce"
      (see also the comment from Karel). In your context, it's better to use
      "amount", although "quantity" is basically correct but see further.
      According to the SNTL Czech-English Chemical Dictionary: mnozstvi = amount,
      quantity, e.g. adsorbed amount, total amount, overall amount, indicator
      amount, trace amount (stopove mnozstvi). "Quantity" is used for "velicina"
      both in chemistry and physics or in technological disciplines : A quantity
      is a technical term for things that can be measured, such as length, mass
      and time. For example, when translating "Fyzikalni veliciny, ktere
      charakterisuji stav systemu...", you should say "Physical quantities that
      characterize the state of a system..." and the term "quantity" is the only
      one you can use here.
      I would not use "fraction" for "mnozstvi" because "fraction" means "podil",
      e.g. in chemistry is frequently used in the context "destilacni podil" in
      the sense "part of something". However, it's tempting to use the term
      "fraction" in your context because of this unhappy "unit" mg/g.
      Nevertheless, I would translate your sentence as "The amount of components
      is given in mass units in mg/g of the tested sample", if it means that the
      amount of components was given in mg (miligrams) and related to the amount
      of the tested sample in g (grams).

      Previous message:

      Simon the Chemist wrote:

      I would welcome your informed opinions on how to translate "mnozstvi"
      in the following context:

      "Mnozstvi komponent jsou uvadena v hmotnostni jednotkach v mg/g
      zkouseneho vzorku."

      It sounds like "yields" to me. Can anyone confirm or correct this?
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