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675Re: [Czechlist] Computer Aided Translation

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  • Michael Grant
    Apr 6, 2000
      >Michael, that's a very good idea. There are a number DTP formats
      >around and lots
      >of DTP stuff done on the Mac, and often these types of documents are good
      >candidates for CAT: the translator can receive a graphical image of
      >the original
      >file (a pdf file) and seperately the text to be translated. No need to own a
      >range of costly licenses for the DTP software and no need to learn to handle
      >them. And the Mac<->PC conversion tends to be a tricky business. However, it
      >would be nice if a Mac user could share a TM database with a PC user.

      Thanks for the support. Lord knows if I'll ever find the time. My
      product will definitely have to support TMX and Unicode for
      cross-platform compatibility. I'd like to base it on 4th Dimension,
      but so far I'm not sure it has all the capabilities that I'd need.
      I'm also keeping an eye on Panorama and Omnis, and even good old

      Any database wizzes on the list?


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