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6691Re: Material Safety Data Sheet

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  • Simon Vollam
    Jun 1 12:48 AM
      Hi Matej,

      If you need more help with these fire safety terms, I suggest you
      call the Technicky ustav pozarni ochrany down in Modrany (where I
      used to work). The number is 401 88 11. Ask for Otto Dvorak - he's
      their flash point expert and a very helpful chap to boot. Please wish
      him well on my behalf if you talk to him.


      --- In Czechlist@y..., "Matej Klimes" <mklimes@m...> wrote:
      > Thanks again for all contract terminology suggestions from last
      > nights........
      > Now I have something far more interesting: four Material Safety
      Data Sheets
      > from Japan, of all places, translated from Japan to - very broken
      english -
      > English..........I have to come up with the Czech equivalent.......
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