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6393Re: [Czechlist] catalogue

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  • Michael Grant
    May 1, 2001
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      >In mid-catalogue, doing the usual stimulating 'please translate the titles
      >and we'll show you the pictures later' routine, I find I cannot think of a
      >phrase to translate 'Dar autora' in a satisfactory way.

      Who'd he give it to? To a museum or gallery, or to an individual? If
      the former, I don't see why it can't be a donation. Otherwise I
      suppose it's a gift.

      Gift from the artist
      Gift from the photographer
      Donated by the artist
      Donated by the photographer

      >P.S. Is a photographer an 'author' and if so, when?

      Not unless he writes a book, as far as I'm concerned. He may be an
      "auteur", but I think I'd stick with "artist" or "photographer".


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