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535Re: [Czechlist] Re: Kolaudace

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  • Melvyn Clarke
    Mar 15, 2000
      >Hi all,
      >I had hard time with these terms as well, but some time ago I come to
      >long and clumsy term for "kolaudace" = "building acceptance
      >procedures/proceedings", "kolaudacni rizeni" could be "official building
      >acceptance procedure". Anything better?

      Hmmmm, I think Michael has a good description with this "occupancy permit".
      Never thought of that.

      >Couldn�t "prejimka" be just "acceptance"?
      Right - so "prejimaci rizeni" would be "acceptance procedure". Maybe if you
      changed your "building acceptance procedure" to "building approval
      procedure" there would be less chance of confusion between the two. (co -
      laudere = s - chvaleni, right? :))
      >Any ideas for "inzenyrske site"? I wouldn�t subscribe for "buried services"

      > >
      > > I would use "utility lines".
      > >
      > > Tom
      >I think "utility" is great. I would just change "lines" to "network".

      >I disagree. "Utility network" makes me think of an entire national or
      >regional power grid (or whatever other utility), not something on a
      >local level. I'm with Tom on "utility lines" (in fact I was going to
      >suggest exactly that myself before I saw his reply).

      But surely there is no problem in having a local network (as in LAN)? I did
      hesitate over "network" myself though for a different reason - sounds OK for
      telecommunications and possible for electricity but I'm not so sure about a
      gas network - I'd prefer something like a supply system for that.

      How about - underground utilities ???

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