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52551Re: [Czechlist] TECHNOLOGY: channel numbers for cable and satellite TV

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  • Jirka Bolech
    Dec 10, 2013
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      Hi Josef,

      Thanks for your input. I see it the way that a channel number may mean
      two different things: assignment to a frequency or assignment to a
      (channel selection) position on (remote) control. As you point out, a
      single channel in terms of freuqency has several digitally multiplexed
      channels in terms of contents whether it's terrestrial or satellite
      broadcast. If it's cable, I believe channel assignment is just a matter
      of convention while I feel it is customary for people in the Czech
      Republic to assign those to their personal preferences, and the TV
      providers allow them to, whereas I can only speculate it is customary in
      the US for the TV providers to have each channel fixed to a number that
      the customer can't change.

      However, I am not sure about either country. That's why I would
      appreciate any hands-on experience shared here...


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