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52361Re: [Czechlist] FILM TITLE Ruda eminence

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  • Matej Klimes
    Sep 25, 2013
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      More info:
      It seems it is meant as a nickname for one particular character, not one of the top public guys, but a shadowy figure in the background, though it says the name could be used for many other people in the party and the power circles at the time...
      Rudá eminence je přídomek, jímž ho označujeme pro potřeby tohoto příběhu, za jeho života se mu tak samozřejmě neříkalo. Za jeho života by toto označení náleželo leckomu z jeho kolegů a spolupracovníků ze stranických špiček.
      Původně řadový repatriační úředník při exilové vládě v Londýně se po návratu do Prahy brzy vypracovává do funkce šéfa zahraniční rozvědky při Ministerstvu vnitra.
      ... not that it changes my question much..
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      Hi all,

      just a quick check.. I have a letter about a proposed new film/script,
      called "Ruda' eminence"

      (It's a docudrama about the Commies, some spies, Commies getting rid of
      Slansky etc., anyway the title refers to the Commies and the regime in
      general, and the ones at the top in particular [Gottwald et al])..

      I see "The Red Eminence" is associated with Cardinal Richelieu - not a
      bad analogy, actually, except it's used to refer to him as a person
      whereas my title is more collective (only in one of its meaning,

      My question is would using "The Red Eminence" automatically mean
      Richelieu to an ENG speaker and should I aim for something else, or is
      it OK given that the sinister nature of the Commies' and Richelieu's
      plots was somewhat similar?

      It's just for a mention of the project in a letter, but once I do the
      ENG title it may stick, so I though I'd check



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