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52353Re: [Czechlist] Length of resume in Europe

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  • Matej Klimes
    Sep 17, 2013
      I would think the rules are pretty much the same in Europe and America as far as CVs in English are concerned and I certainly agree with the one/two pages max, but one better rule... What these people are doing is cramming other things (detailed lists of assignments etc.) into the CV..
      I also see more CVs with photos and things like age and martial status, some of this may be carried over from the Europass resume format - which si some absurd EU-regulated thing that lots of agencies must provide for everyone who is likely to participate in a job they are bidding for - it's at least 3 pages long and contains all sort of things, some of them repeated...
      CVs for a 'proper job' i.e. not freelancer's CVs are more likely to look like your ideal one page one, I think.

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      Since I run the Michigan chapter of the ATA, I often receive resumes from people in Europe that would not be acceptable in the US. (The people mistakenly think our organization is a translation agency, and not a professional association, so they apply to us for freelance work.)

      I'm used to seeing certain things on European resumes that we do not put on them in the US, such as a photo, age, marital status, etc.

      However, the thing I'm finding with these resumes I'm getting is that they stretch on for 7 or 8 pages. In the US, we're advised to keep our resume down to just one page, or two if we are very experienced. If it goes to four or five pages, the employer is liable to think the applicant is unprofessional and just throw the resume away.

      Is it acceptable in Europe to hand someone an 8-page resume?


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