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52264Re: [Czechlist] SK-EN medical - duplicita

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  • Jan Culka
    Aug 23, 2013
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      I don´t think Martin was thinking that way. Kinga obviously needs some support regularly, and somebody may be willing and happy to help her.
      On tho other hand, nobody is limited here to participate in helping her.

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      You seem to be suggesting that Kinga should be paying for the advice.

      Are you suggesting there is no place on this forum for people whose queries are “recurrent”?

      Agency or not, I do not think we should be doing background checks on Checklist members, we are neither KGB, nor NSA


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      Dear Kinga,

      As you seem to have recurrent needs for a Slovak/Czech editing support
      in your agency practice - if you are looking for a professional native
      editor to hire, feel free to ask on this list. I am pretty sure some of
      listmates would be delighted to help you out.

      Best Regards,

      Martin Janda
      En-Czech Translations & Interpreting
      Medicine, IT/SW, Law

      Dne 23.8.2013 16:22, kingakawecka napsal(a):
      > Dear Colleagues,
      > I would appreciate some help with the above term in a medical
      > discharge report in relation to prostate cancer. The context is as
      > follows:
      > Počas hospitalizácie realizovaná sonografia abdomenu s popisom
      > ložiskovej prestavby heparu- vs MTS prestavba. Vzhľadom k tomu že
      > metastázovanie karcínómu prostaty do heparu nie je obvyklé;
      > realizovaná v rámci pátrania po duplicite gastroskopia s nálezom
      > duplicitného vredu žalúdka prepyloricky Forrest III.
      > I am not sure how to understand "duplicita". I have found some
      > evidence that it might mean secondary malignancy but I am not sure.
      > Another possibility is that it indicates a new primary cancer and I do
      > realise these two suggestions are mutually exclusive.
      > Also, would "duplicitný vred" be secondary ulcer?
      > Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.
      > Kind regards,
      > Kinga

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