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  • Zuzana Benesova
    Jul 3, 2013
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      The Czech Statistical Office has the top 10/ top 20 names given to babies published for the period since 1999 here: http://www.czso.cz/csu/redakce.nsf/i/nejoblibenejsi_detska_jmena

      Among girls, Tereza was definitely No. 1 for most of this period but has been overtaken by Eliska in the past 2 years.

      So there certainly are trends.

      The Ministry of the Interior has a much more detailed list here: http://www.mvcr.cz/clanek/cetnost-jmen-a-prijmeni-722752.aspx - clik "statistika jmen a roku narozeni" - the excel file is rather difficult to read but you can extract info if you need it


      The lady who rules our names is certain Mrs. Knappova. I know two kids (now almost adult) who had their names turned down by this lady initially and their respective parents had to do battle for them. You may be surprised: their proposed (and, finally successfully defended) names are Rozarka and Mikes. The latter had no name for about 2 months while Mrs. Knappova was suggesting to name him Majk or Miki (ha!) and his mother fought, even had an interview on the radio I remember. They are both growing up happily, with multiple nicknames I believe :-)


      4. 7. 2013 v 0:10, Josef Hlavac:

      > On 3.7.2013 17:18, James Kirchner wrote:
      >> 1. Does Czech law still restrict the names parents can give to their children? (Is it still possible for a baby to remain in the hospital for two weeks while his father fights to name her Paula instead of Pavla?)
      > I believe there are still restrictions in place; however, they are more relaxed now. I seriously doubt that our overcrowded maternity hospitals would detain anyone for this reason.
      >> 2. Is it possible to any degree to tell from a Czech person's first name their probable age and their probable socio-economic class? When I was there, I didn't think it was possible, but maybe Czechs noticed a subtlety that I didn't.
      > Inspired by Freakonomics? :-)
      > It is definitely not the case with most first names, since we still tend to choose from a rather limited set.
      > That said, uncommon names might give a hint. For instance, upon hearing the first name Vanesa, Cindy, Mia or anything of this "imported" kind, I would imagine a young girl (let's say under 20). Esmeralda could be about 16 (the Esmeralda series was first broadcast in Czech TV in 1997), while Jenovefa would probably be a very old lady.
      > I also have a politically incorrect feeling that a Natalie has a good chance of being a gypsy (even though I personally know a few exceptions), and this feeling has nothing to do with the much publicized arson case but rather with the names I used to hear around our neighborhood.
      > Regarding Vietnamese kids, I'd say that they either have a Vietnamese name easily identifiable as such (Van, Tran, ...), or a common Czech name that does not hint anything.
      > Now, my statistical sample is rather limited, so I would not be surprised if others disagree with any of the above.
      > Josef
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