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51874[Czechlist] Is there a famine?

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  • James Kirchner
    Jun 14, 2013
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      Is there a Czech-to-English translator famine on the market right now?

      Suddenly, a client who used to just send me translation is now also sending me really horrible stuff to edit. Sometimes I even have to throw it back and tell them it can't be edited. This never happened before.

      I notice that Western agencies have been increasingly contacting me do work from Czech to English, and it's starting to seem like Czech is suddenly the flavor of the month in the West. Is it possible higher Western rates are drawing the better translators away from Czech agencies? Are Czech clients squeezing prices so hard that Czech agencies are reduced to the quality common 20 years ago?

      It's one thing if a person has a few syntax problems, but today I got something where the person didn't even spellcheck and didn't bother to find out simple information. He or she wrote "United Emirates of Arabia", "Italie", "Swiss" (instead of Switzerland), and many similar things.

      Any perceptions? Could this sudden upsurge in requests to edit junk be due to a labor shortage?


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