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  • Sarka Rubkova
    May 28, 2013
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      It is not just the title of a movie but also of a book


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      In the case of the film's plot, yes, alth' we'd probably prefer
      something more straightforward like "žena robot/robotická žena"

      .. for the concept in real life - a wife dependent on their husband and
      having no personality of her own... I don't think we have an
      established expression..

      And I agree with Martin that the Czech title of the movie will not say
      much to most people/will not suggest this concept automatically, unless
      they have seen the flick in Czech...


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      > I notice that podvrzzene dite is the equivalent of a changeling, i.e.
      >a fay child substituted by the elves or the fairies in folklore. I
      >wonder if that idea could be pressed into service here, i.e. something
      >like podvrzzena panicka/zena/manzelka, at least by way of pithy
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      >> Yes but the knowledge is not widespread. I, for one, know the name
      >> would not know what kind of woman is meant. Unfortunately, I don't
      >> there is any better and short equivalent in Czech.
      >> Jamie - if your text is for wide public, I would advise to add some
      >> of footnote/explanation/whatever.
      >> Martin

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