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51524Re: [Czechlist] Velka potřeba

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  • Hannah Geiger
    Apr 28, 2013
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      The writer is in his eighties, so the child is saying in the late 1920's
      that he has malou potrebu, tak mu daji nocnik, on z urciteho duvodu trucuje
      ze ma taky velkou potrebu a chce kvuli tomu jit domu, ze tu velkou potrebu
      jinde neudela. Takze nejake wee wee nebo poo poo neprichazi v uvahu,
      zrejme ho takhle naucili mluvit, nebo si to autor preje popisne takto

      To number two zni taky OK. Jinak co se tyce jazyka, Kohout nebo Skvorecky
      v maji nadhernou cestinu (tedy IMO), a v zasade je taky zastarala v zasade
      se snad kazdy, komu je 40+ musel nejak prizpusobovat, myslim. Ale nechci
      se vzdalovat od tematu. Termin 'potreba' se mi zda taky neobvykly.

      Dekuji za reakci


      On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 5:02 PM, "Matej Klimes" <mklimes@...> wrote:

      > Hi Hannah,
      > Not sure I understand what you're after.. a bit of context wouldn't
      > hurt.. BUT if you're translating some sort of story where a child says
      > they need to go to "na velkou" (I've never heard a child, or an adult
      > for that matter, to say "potrebu," that's a very old and bookie thing
      > no one says since, dunno fifties?, actually, I think potreba is only
      > tacked on in official context, like doctors' or police reports..)
      > If you're after a natural translation, then surely a "number two" is
      > called for, if you're after some sort of creative rendition, then
      > perhaps the big thing you mention and a bit of a
      > socio-cultural/anthropological explanation of other nations' toilet
      > habits and lingo?
      > Matej
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      > > Hello,
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      > >May I have your opinion on this, if possible.
      > >
      > >A small child uses the term velka potřeba, which I am inclined to
      > >simply translate as "the big thing", mostly because it is seen through
      > >the eyes of the writer.
      > >
      > >Meanwhile, perhaps I can entertain you by the following link, parts of
      > >which, I hope, you might find hilarious.
      > >
      > >http://www.chapter.cz/2012/01/zachodova-anglictina.html
      > >
      > >Thanks
      > >
      > >Hannah
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