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51354Re: [Czechlist] unclear sentence

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  • Michael Trittipo
    Mar 30, 2013
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      On or about Saturday, March 30, 2013, 12:38:29 PM, Jiri wrote:
      > "No less well suited" than what? It's perhaps the part "for
      > being..." that confuses me. I don't see how it connects to the rest.
      > Would you please re-tell the sentence in a more simple way for me

      > Never before had there been preached a message of personal
      > responsibility quite so radical, so democratic, or so potentially
      > wide-reaching in its appeal. Christian thinkers, in their struggle
      > to define the principles of their faith, were engaged in a project
      > **no less well-suited to the times for being so palpably quixotic:**
      > the fathoming of the purposes of God in an ever more globalised world.

      Melvyn's already answered, and I agree, and write just to offer an
      alternative rephrasing, that still works out the same.

      The sentence could be rewritten as:
      "... in a project that, despite being so palpably quixotic, was
      nevertheless well-suited to the times."

      "was no less ADJ for X" means "despite X, was nevertheless still ADJ"
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