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51290Re: [Czechlist] Re: CHAT environmental terminology going PC?

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  • Matej Klimes
    Mar 23, 2013
      Not in this case.. see the Q and the A..

      I'm sure it is possible, but the thing the manufacturer is trying to
      convey is throw away as often as possible and buy new from US... and as
      long as we are translating a manual/website as opposed to stirring up a
      revolution, we should convey the intended meaning..
      After all, this is standard practice, one step more user-friendly and
      less unethical than installing a kurvi'tko/fuck-up device (see Wiki)

      Users that are not complete morons will know you can actually have ink
      cartridges refilled and will do their own thing... but AFAICR refilling
      ink cartridges is a messy business and they often dry up once
      opened/tampered with (as will the unused inks) - maybe the technology
      changed dramatically, but I remember having to do all sorts of tricks
      to get things going when I had an ink printer back in my pro-photo
      days.. both colour and B&W lasers are so cheap now that an ink printer
      only makes sense for a highly specialised and very consistent and
      frequent use these days, IMHO..

      ... Got a bit distracted there, but the message definitely is that (as
      far as the text in question is concerned) the cartridges are only good
      for throwing away once they run out of ink (and they probably run out
      of ink sooner than they'd have to)..

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      Subject: [Czechlist] Re: CHAT environmental terminology going PC?
      > Ja bych uvazoval i o moznosti, ze se prazdna cartidge da znovu
      >naplnit od profesionalu nebo odevzda k renovaci.
      >Petr Adamek
      >--- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, Jakub Skrebsky <jakub.skrebsky@...> wrote:
      >> In a printing device user manual, the FAQ section says:
      >> Q � Can you empty and re-use the ink container?
      >> A � No. The ink container must be replaced and recycled when
      >prompted by the system.
      >> Perhaps NS understand the word "recycled" differently, but to me,
      >"to be recycled" means "to be used again", so the answer contains
      >contradicting statements.
      >> Is it because the rules of green political correctness don't allow
      >saying "to dispose of", "to throw away", "to trash" ?
      >> Jakub

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