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    Feb 12, 2013
      Another one of those things that keep popping up, (historicke)
      pamatky... it's relatively easy to deal with in a sentence, but as a
      standalone heading (with nothing to follow), do you think just 'sights'
      is OK?

      Again, this present case is a bilingual brochure, where things like
      this appear either in bullet point lists, or as captions under/near to

      Things like:

      Zajímavá místa/Points of interest


      Historické památky/Historic sites

      (they are not in one place like this, but throughout the text) ...
      sounds OK?

      I went for historic sites in the last line to have a bit of a variation
      and to avoid sights, which (IMHO) sounds a bit weird on its own like
      this... I mean things like London sights, sights in London etc. are
      commonplace enough, but just sights alone? I considered attractions,
      but didn't want to go 'tourist attractions' and attractions alone also
      sound a bit suspect, any comments?



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