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  • Tomas Mosler
    Nov 15, 2012
      Just a little follow-up on how the living costs in the "West" are assumably dramatically higher than in the Czech Republic, thus the employees/freelancers there need to earn more than people in the Czech Repbulic (or in other words, Czechs can live/survive a bit easier with lower nominal income).

      "I tak ale muze prumerne vydelavajici Nemec vest vcelku slusny zivot. Ze srovnani cen potravin a spotrebniho zbozi mezi Nemeckem a Ceskem vyplyva, ze jsou priblizne stejne. Nektere druhy potravin, odevy, obuv ci elektronika jsou ve Spolkove republice dokonce levnejsi, a to az o jednu ctvrtinu.

      Totez plati pro bydleni. Najem jednoho metru ctverecniho obytne plochy bytu ve starsim dome po rekonstrukci warm (po zapocitani nakladu na vytapeni) cini osm az deset eur. Za byt o plose padesati metru ctverecnich tak Nemci v prumeru zaplati 450 eur, a tedy priblizne jednu ctvrtinu sve ciste mesicni mzdy."



      > In a message dated 11/2/2012 2:53:22 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      > hgeige@... writes:
      > What was relevant to me was that while I could "sort of" support myself
      > working for Czech agencies in CR, I could not support myself working for
      > Czech
      > agencies from the U.S., due to different buying power.
      > Of course a translations totaling CZK 15 000 will pay my rent (I assume)
      > in Prague, but this amount will not pay my rent in New York. That is all I
      > meant, and sorry if I haven't expressed myself clearly.
      > What he/she refuses or not was not the issue I was putting forward.
      > Thanks, Tomas
      > In a message dated 11/2/2012 2:44:56 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      > _tomas.mosler@..._ (mailto:tomas.mosler@...) writes:
      > > I maintain that a Czech translator living abroad will not survive while
      > > working exclusively for Czech agencies, while a Czech translator living
      > in CR
      > > and working exclusively for Czech agencies could, I mean, not very well,
      > but
      > > pays his rent, or not?
      > Perhaps, but how relevant is that? I mean, when such a Czech translator
      > gets paid xxxxx CZK a month and thinks, fine, this pays my rent, is he
      > bound
      > to politely refuse any better rates because he could - what horror - earn
      > some money extra? ;) (Or alternatively getting the same month income, but
      > having more free time.)
      > Besides that, with the same logic Czech (or Eastern Europe) producers
      > should sell their products in Czech stores for 1/4 - 1/2 price (because it
      > should be sufficient to cover local rents) compared to Western prices of
      > the
      > same product distributed over there, but somehow that is often not
      > happenning.
      > I mean, if Polish KitKat Chunky can cost 12 CZK / EUR 0.50 and Western
      > produced ( = better quality) KK Chunky costs EUR 0.60, or if I can buy a
      > bun
      > (roll) in Germany for approx. EUR 0.10 and here for the same price,
      > something is wrong with the "pay rent scheme".
      > Tomas
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