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50200RE: [Czechlist] Re: Reading in Prague / Alex Zucker

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  • vtalacko@ageng.pair.com
    Nov 12, 2012
      v kraji mladoboleslavskem, za casu nepokoju, kdy kral usiloval o
      bezpecnost silnic, maje ukrutne potize se Slechtici, kteri si vedli
      doslova zlodejsky

      The roads are still pretty dangerous!


      On 12.11.2012 15:01, Pilucha, Jiri wrote:
      > It is of course mighty difficult to characterize Vancura's language.
      > And it's not trivial at all to note that it is indeed the unique
      > language that makes Vancura unique. By no means a tautology. It can
      > be a lot of things which make writers unique - imagination (just
      > think
      > of magic reailsm), psychologic insight into their characters, how
      > they
      > construct the contrapunct of voices, others are masters of the absurd
      > (you know whom I mean) - and yet others are most distinct for having
      > a
      > unique way with the language. Jachym Topol, for instance. Or closer
      > to Vancura: Jaroslav Durych. Oftentimes the language is so unique
      > that you cannot read the book through. You get excited about the
      > uniqueness of the language and you soon get exhausted; just cannot
      > sustain the excitement - and there's not much left. That's why
      > nobody
      > has ever finished Sestra by Topol. (I'm sure you'll say that you
      > have, but nobody else that I know of ever has). That's why nobody
      > reads Vancura. A big paradox at work here. I put it to Alex the
      > other day how strange it is to be translating a novel that nobody
      > reads in Czech in the frst place. Everybody has seen the iconic
      > movie.
      > Multiple times. Every Czech "intellectual" has seen the movie ten
      > times but hardly anybody has ever read the book.
      > But it would seem futile to be looking for a comparable writer. In
      > what way comparable? Greater writers are by definition incomparable,
      > aren't they (save for their epigones).
      > Jiri
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      > --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com<mailto:Czechlist%40yahoogroups.com>,
      > "Liz" <spacils@...<mailto:spacils@...>> wrote:
      >> Reading & Discussion with Alex Zucker
      >> Friday, November 9, 2012
      >> 7:00pm until 10:00pm
      >> Anglo-American University Library, Letenska 1, Mala Strana
      >> As Zucker is going to read several versions of his translation of
      >> "Marketa Lazarova" opening pages, the reading will hopefully stir up a
      >> discussion about the craft of translation as such, with author sharing
      >> his experience and talking about the difficulties he has been facing.
      > Many thanks to Liz for passing on this info. I found the time to get
      > down there and really enjoyed myself. I do like a good translation
      > analysis. Alex Zucker openly admitted to some confusion over how to
      > capture Vancura's "voice" in this opening passage of Marketa Lazarova
      > - he had a good half dozen alternative versions.
      > Blazniviny se rozsevaji nazdarbuh. Poprejte teto príhode mista v
      > kraji mladoboleslavskem, za casu nepokoju, kdy kral usiloval o
      > bezpecnost silnic, maje ukrutne potize se Slechtici, kteri si vedli
      > doslova zlodejsky, a co je horsi, kteri prelevali krev malem se
      > chechtajice. Stali jste se ze sameho uvazovani o uslechtilosti a
      > spanilem mravu naseho naroda opravdu precitliveli, a kdyz pijete,
      > rozlevate ke skode kucharcine vodu po stole, ale chlapi, o nichz
      > pocinnam mluviti, byli zbujni a certovsti. Byla to chasa, jiz
      > nedovedu
      > prirovnati nez k hrebcum. Pramalo se starali o to, co vy povazujete
      > za
      > dulezite. Kdezpak hreben a mydlo! Vzdyt' nedbali ani na bozi
      > prikazani.
      > Praví se, ze bylo bezpocet podobnych randabasu, ale v teto povidce
      > nejde lec o rodinu, jejiz jmeno pripomína Vaclava zajiste nepravem.
      > To
      > byli vykutaleni slechtici! Nejstarsi za tohoto krvaveho casu byl
      > pokrten líbeznym jmenem, ale zapomnel je a nazyval se az do sve
      > ohavne
      > smrti Kozlik.
      > A couple of quicky questions for Czech colleagues:
      > How would you characterize this language? What is so unique about it?
      > We were trying in vain to think of a comparable anglophone writer.
      > Do you enjoy this kind of work? What do you get out of it? :-) Did
      > you like the film?
      > And for anybody who has any ideas:
      > How would you translate the opening line? Something nice and
      > memorable. Ideas that came up included:
      > Folly/foolery is sown/spreads/scatters/is scattered/is wind-scattered
      > without rhyme or reason/helter skelter/at random...
      > BW
      > M.
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